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Samsung ATIV SE pictured, looking like a cross between the Galaxy S4 and ATIV S

It first made the rumor rounds as the SM-W750V, then its “Huron” codename slipped to the press, and now it’s known under a Samsung ATIV SE moniker that’s likely to stick.

Samsung ATIV SE

Not one to insist on reinventing the wheel with every new flagship device, Samsung is apparently gearing up to release a Windows Phone that looks eerily familiar. Can’t quite put the finger on ATIV SE’s doppelganger?

Well, to be fair, the forthcoming handheld isn’t identical to a preexistent gadget. But it does take multiple design cues from the now 15 month-old ATIV S, blends them together with Galaxy S4’s rounded edges, slim bezels and iconic physical home button, and voila, a “brand new” phone.

On the original side of things, both the front part surrounding the screen and back cover in its entirety feature a textured finish that helps the ATIV SE stand out a little. Too bad the rear is a tad glossy and tacky. Also, we could have done without the Windows logo patched to the home key, though the alternative was probably an uglier Verizon emblem.


Speaking about, notice Big Red’s subtle overall branding. It’s still noticeable, but a lot less irksome than, say, on the recently surfaced LG Lucid 3.

Aesthetics aside, the ATIV SE is the living proof Samsung continues to be (somewhat) committed to Windows Phone, with the upcoming 8.1 build no doubt on board. Hardware-wise, we expect the ATIV S sequel to take yet another page from GS4’s playbook, with a 5-inch Full HD display, 2 GB RAM, 13 MP rear-facing camera and hopefully slightly punchier quad-core Snapdragon 800 chip, as well as larger capacity battery.

The “when” of the equation is the biggest question mark, especially remembering Nokia Lumia Icon’s Verizon launch fiasco, whereas in terms of pricing, Samsung and Big Red can’t possibly charge north of $200 with contracts. South would be nice, as odds are the Galaxy S5 will cost just as much.

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