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Samsung ATIV SE expected out later this month with Windows Phone 8, not 8.1

Although Microsoft’s next Windows Phone build, dubbed 8.1, is likely to once and for all go official in roughly 24 hours, the first devices to actually run the software may come a little later.


Half-baked has pretty much always been the best way to describe Samsung’s Windows Phone efforts, what with the Omnia 7, ATIV S and ATIV Odyssey either landing too late to make waves, or feeble marketing falling short of expectations.

Bottom line, the Android kings never looked interested or truly focused to help the platform grow, staying in business more to cover all their bases. Of course, Microsoft sensed this superficiality as well, and so it shouldn’t come as a shock Redmond failed to deliver a WP 8.1 port for the forthcoming Samsung ATIV SE in time for its commercial release.

Or so they say. They being “sources familiar with Verizon’s plans”, as quoted by The Verge. According to these mystery insiders, the ATIV SE, aka Huron, shall debut with Big Red later this month powered by Windows Phone 8, and a subsequent 8.1 update will roll out “once it’s ready”. Yay for vagueness!


Assuming the scoop is legit (and it probably is), we shouldn’t be quick to jump to conclusions however, as Windows Phone 8.1 might not be ready period. As in not for the ATIV SE, and not for Nokia’s newest Lumia devices either. But after seeing the 630 demoed with what looked like an advanced 8.1 build, it’s far more possible MS worked harder and closer with Nokia than Samsung.

The thing is pre-loaded software may well be the least of ATIV SE’s concerns, as hardware specifications are shaping up to be lackluster at best. Taking a page from the one year-old Galaxy S4’s playbook, the device reportedly sports a 5-inch 1,080p display, 2 GB RAM and a 13 MP rear-facing camera.

The quad-core Snapdragon 800 chip is one of very few upgrades expected inside the Samsung ATIV SE, likely being way too little to help it win the high-end feature battle against Android top dogs. Will it?

Source: The Verge

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