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Samsung ATIV Core tipped as Galaxy S5 mini doppelganger with Windows Phone 8.1

Proving Nokia isn’t the only hardware manufacturer looking out for Windows Phone’s future, Samsung is reportedly hard at work on a mid-range device dubbed ATIV Core that could run WP 8.1 right out the box.


The ink is barely dry on Samsung ATIV SE’s unsurprising announcement and word on the street is the Galaxy makers already have another ATIV series installment in the pipeline. Huh, guess the Android kings aren’t so keen to abandon Windows Phone after all. Not yet.

Granted, this rumored ATIV Core is even humbler than the ATIV SE. In fact, its list of expected features sounds an awful lot like the specs we think the Galaxy S5 mini will pack. Both handhelds shall come with 4.5-inch 720p AMOLED displays in tow, 8 MP rear-facing cameras, while ATIV Core’s 1 GB RAM is to be trumped by S5 mini’s 1.5 gigs of memory.

The last tidbit Sam Mobile is in a position to reveal after consulting its notoriously reliable inside sources is the forthcoming Windows Phone (with 8.1 pre-loaded, mind you) carries a fairly spacious 2,100 mAh battery. That’s 200 mAh larger than S4 mini’s juicer, so it may well match S5 Mini’s capacity.

So why would anyone want to buy the same exact, or maybe even inferior hardware with less popular software backed by a poorer ecosystem? Since Microsoft no longer charges for WP licenses, affordability might be the key.

Or maybe the ATIV Core will excel in the design department, with a metallic finish or something. I’m guessing here, so don’t jump to conclusions. What’s important is Samsung obviously reckons Windows Phone 8.1 has a future, which is great news for Android – iOS duopoly haters.

Source: Sam Mobile

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