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Samsung announces Galaxy S II and Galaxy Tab alongside new consumer electronic devices at Samsung Forum 2011


Think that the digital world we live in has no more surprises to offer the average consumer? Well, you might want to think again, especially if Samsung has got anything to say about it. In a regional forum held by Samsung at the Marina Bay Sands convention centre today, the Korean electronics giant unveiled its latest wave of consumer electronics products that are designed to offer consumers what it calls a 'smart lifestyle'. Oh, and somewhere among that list of new products are the highly-anticipated Galaxy S II smartphone and Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet. VR-Zone brings you the coverage.

Anyone want to hazard a guess as to how big the ecosystem for Samsung-branded consumer electronics devices is? Well, here is a clue: you can probably outfit your entire digital lifestyle with nothing but Samsung products, and proceed on with your life as per usual. Yes, that is just how large and extensive the Samsung ecosystem actually is.

Of course, merely having a wide range of consumer electronic products for the average consumer to choose from is no longer enough in today's highly-connected era. Instead, Samsung believes that the way to move forward in this day and age is to go beyond products and start offering consumers tightly integrated services.  To do so, the Korean electronics giant has announced  its new range of products for 2011 in a regional forum held at Marina Bay Sands, which claim to offer consumers the ability to enjoy a Smarter Life. 

Speaking at the forum's opening address was Regional Director of Trade Marketing, Stanley Goh, who explained Samsung's aims and goals for the Smarter Life principle.  

"The path Samsung will take is that of the Smarter Life, and it has three pillars: smart design, smart experiences and smart connections," he explained.

"Smart design is about creating the utility and the tools for products to allow them to do more. Smart experiences refers to the wide variety of applications, games and programing acorss all devices. Lastly, smart connection is about making Samsung devices truly easy to connect with each other and creating new values for the products themselves," he added.

This was backed up by Robert Vu, Director of AV Business for Samsung Vietnam, who spoke about how Samsung's new line of home entertainment devices such as the new, near-borderless D7000 and D8000 television sets and Blu-ray home-theatre systems play an integral part in realizing the company's Smarter Life principle.

"The television set will not only continue to be the central technology of our lives; it will become even more dominant in the years to come. In this new era of Smart TV, the greatest misconception of it is that people see Smart TVs as TVs embedded with PC functions, This is a myth: Samsung's smart TVs are stil, abvove all, TVs, but a TV does not become a smart TV just because it allows you to access the internet," he explained.

To back his point, he cited how Samsung's smart TVs delivers more than just a PC experience on a large screen.

"Samsung 's Smart TV offers more content, more convenience and more excitement than an ordinary TV. We created Smart Hub, a feature that gives you access to all of your information sources in an innovative and personalized way. Applications are also specially designed for Samsung's smart Tv will remain the most important factor for the success of smart TV. Samsung Apps, the world's first HDTV-based app store, offers more apps and more quality than anyone else on the TV market," he added.

Up next was Steven Jacobs, Marketing Manager of Samsung Electronics Australia, who described how smart digital cameras such as the new Samsung SH100 has become a social networking tool due to technological advancements. 

"The SH100 is our fourth-generation wireless camera. In addition to it featuring support for real-time uploads to Facebook and Youtube, the SH100 embodies smart connections by being the first camera that can be remotely controlled by the Samsung Galaxy S smartphone. Many on-camera features for the SH100 can be accessed through the Galaxy S, such as shutter release. In addition, simply pressing two buttons on the camera allows SH100 users to automatically back up their shots to a PC without even turning the device on," he explained.

Launch of the Galaxy S II and Galaxy Tab 10.1

However, it is also clear that no other device short of smartphones and tablet PCs best embody the spirit of a 'smarter lifestyle', especially when the aforementioned devices have been touted to have the potential to chip away at the importance of netbooks for mobile computing.  And Samsung definitely did not disappoint when it announced the launch of both its Galaxy S II smartphone and Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet PC.

Addressing the forum's participants for the launch of Samsung's mobile products was Tyler McGee, Vice President of Telecommunications for Samsung Electronics Australia, who shared some of Samsung's plans for the mobile segment in 2011.

"We believe that the demand for smartphones and tablets will continue to grow steadily in 2011. So with 2010 behind us, Samsung believes that 2011 will be the year of the smart mobile device," he said, while explaining what Samsung believes constitutes such a device.

"We define smart mobile device as a mobile device that can fulfill consumer needs and aspirations while enriching the mobile experience. Samsung's vision is to broaden the horizons of one's mobile life through smart mobile devices and the whole ecosystem around it, from the system infrastructure to services and content. More importantly, getting smarter will become more easier than ever before. Consumers will be not only enriching their lives, but it will be easy enough for everyone to enjoy it," he explained.

McGee then proceeded to describe some of the new features found in the company's new Galaxy S II smartphone, such as the new user interface which is said to be entirely customizable, as well as the addition of four 'Samsung Hubs' for easy access to content (the last 'hub'  is known as the Social Hub).

Lastly, in a classic example of saving the best for the last, McGee announced the introduction of the Galaxy Tab 10.1, an Android (Honeycomb)-based tablet which features a dual-core processor for providing consumers with high-performance mobile computing.

The spotlight was then passed over to Eka Anwar, Head of Mobile Marketing Division for Samsung Electronics Indonesia, who proceeded to demonstrate some of the new features found in both the Galaxy S II and Galaxy Tab 10.1.

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