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Samsung announces availability of new portable media players in Korea

For most people, the fact that their smartphones boast the capability to provide basic audio and video playback means that there is little need to invest in a dedicated portable media player when their smartphones can satisfy that need. However, it seems that there are enough people who believe in the value of having such a dedicated media player for Samsung to justify the release of yet another such device, and it comes in the form of its new YP-R2 and YP-Z3 players.

Who needs to invest in a portable media player when the humble mobile phone, which boasts the ability to deliver basic media playback support, is fast becoming the device of choice for portable media playback while on the move? Well, tell that to Samsung; the Korean electronics giant has just announced the availability of two new portable media players, the YP-R2 and YP-Z3, in Korea.

According to the machine translation of Samsung's press release, the new YP-R2 and YP-Z3 portable media players feature the Korean electronics giant's SoundAlive technology which allows for increased audio playback quality such as bass enhancement as well as three-dimensional sound. In addition, the YP-R2 will sport a three-inch WQVGA touchscreen and come bundled with the DivX codec for better video playback support.

On the other hand, the YP-Z3 will come with a 1.8-inch display (non-touchscreen) and make use of physical buttons for navigation. Last but definitely not least, Samsung has confirmed that the media players will be capable of playing back most common audio formats, such as MP3, WMA, Acc, Ogg and more importantly. Flac.

The YP-R2 will be available in black silver color at the price of 149,000 won or approximately US$139 (4GB) and 169,000 won (approx US$158) for the 8GB variant , while the YP-Z3 will come in Mercy Mellow White, Cherry Pink and Mint Blue, and will be sold at the price 119,000 won (aprox US$111)for a total of 8GB storage space.

Source: Samsung Korea

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