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Samsung announces 7 new digital cameras and 3 camcorders in Singapore

Samsung ST550

Today, Samsung has a media event at their showroom, announcing seven digital cameras and three camcorders which include the ST550 and ST500 digital cameras with dual LCD touch-sensitive screens for picture taking.

Moon Sung-Hyun, managing director of Samsung Asia, gave a short speech on the company raising the bar in digital imaging with the introduction of seven new digital cameras and three digital camcorders.

“I’m sure you have seen people turn their their camera around and taking pictures of themselves. However, framing and focussing can be a problem and in many cases, you have to try many times to get the right shot. Not if you are using the ST550 and ST500 with front LCD screen” said Moon.

You can easily activate the front LCD screen by giving the screen a hard-enough tap. To off it, simply tap the display again. However, on video recording mode, the front LCD display is automatically disabled if you intend to take a video of the surrounding as well as yourself.

(While we aren’t sure if Samsung would consider including the front LCD to be used for video recording mode, we suspected if they do, it could be achieved with just a firmware upgrade).

We also saw the Samsung HMX-U10 ultra compact camcorder (above) that can record in Full High Definition (HD) and take 10-megapixel still images.

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