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Samsung adds new devices to its Apple Lawsuit

Apparently securing an official Apple issued apology and acquiring Apple's settlement details with HTC still wasn’t enough for Samsung, as they have filed yet another lawsuit against the Cupertino developer, this time in response to the iPad mini, 5th gen iPod touch, and iPad 4.

As the endless patent infringement battle between our pals A and S seemed to finally be drawing to a close, the Korean electronics superstar Samsung stirred things up again by filing to the US District Court of Northern California for the addition of several of Apple’s latest devices to their ongoing lawsuit.

Samsung states that there is “good cause” to add the three new devices to their original claim, as the products were not yet released at the time of Samsung’s original submission of contentions on June 15th 2012 or at the time of the company’s first supplementary contentions given on October 1st, 2012. (This just shows you how long the battle has been going on, new devices have long since come and gone since this whole thing started!)

According to Samsung, the iPod Touch 5, iPad mini, and iPad 4 carry the same accused functionality as the versions of iPod and iPad that were already given in the case, and that the proof of these infringements is substantially similar to that already given to the court for the previous revisions of these devices. So basically Samsung think they can claim more damages without even offering proof this time, I guess. If the design and functionality of the new devices are sufficiently similar to those which they have already successfully gotten accused, then Samsung certainly have a case.


On Wednesday of this week, Samsung’s Chief Executive Shin Jong Kyun went on record to The Korean Times that “Without Samsung’s wireless patents, it would be impossible for Apple to produce its handsets.”

Apple and Samsung have been at each others throats since back in April 2011, and this August saw Apple winning $1 billion in damages for claims that Samsung had infringed upon the iPhone and iPad’s patents with its Galaxy S smartphones (although Samsung has appealed against this ruling).

In areas such as the UK, the Netherlands, and Japan, Apple’s infringement claims against Samsung have been dismissed however, and Samsung have won a few cases of their own, such as the previous litigation brought against the iPod and iPad outlined in this article.

Either way all those legal costs must have both firms burning through money, and it begs the question: Can’t we all just get along?



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