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Samsung acts out promised Galaxy S6/S6 Edge discounts in Europe

Only in Netherlands and the UK at the moment, but as the Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus launches creep up, a global spread seems a mere matter of time.


Can anyone else besides Apple meet smartphone sales projections and make big bucks off mobile hardware nowadays? Maybe a couple of low-key Chinese OEMs, because HTC, LG and Samsung all suffer from over-hyped flagship syndrome.

The One M9, G4 and, weirdly enough, Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are incapable of keeping up with phenomenal iPhone box-office feats, despite at least the latter two trying everything. They radically altered the underwhelming designs of their predecessors, embraced the sharpest screens and strongest processors available, and yet still need premature price cuts to stay in the spotlight.

We don’t mean limited-time, regional or retailer-specific slashes either. Instead, rumor has it Samsung will indefinitely reduce the S6/S6 Edge MSRPs worldwide before long. Tariff “adjustments” have already been confirmed without many details, and now, the device manufacturer’s Dutch and British outlets charge less than usual for the newest heroes.

Galaxy S6 Netherlands

Coincidence? We think not, and the old continent as a whole should gear up for discounts. Wherever the S6 and S6 Edge are sold in Euros, they’ll soon cost €599 and €699 respectively, if refreshed Dutch tags will be replicated.

That’s down from €699 and €799, which may sound preposterous for our American readers, but includes standard European taxes. Translation – even if stateside the GS6 is already $585 on Amazon, it doesn’t mean further trims aren’t in the pipeline.

It’s entirely possible the $585 rate will drop to $500 or so, and the S6 Edge, currently available at $670, could knock an extra 70 bucks off. Fingers crossed, everybody, and before we forget, let’s quickly mention the deducted UK prices.

These are not to be followed by any other country, as no one else uses GBP, but they’re certainly exciting news for locals unwilling to wait for the Note 5 or S6 Edge Plus. The GS6 commands a tag of £559 (down from £599), and the S6 Edge costs £669 (previously £699).

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