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Samsung 840 Pro SSD Review

The Samsung 840 Pro 256GB SSD hits our benchmarking tables today. Sporting their latest in-house MDX controller, Samsung makes some bold claims regarding the speed and reliability of their latest SSD.

Samsung has been making quite a name in the SSD market lately. The company’s progress can be seen from the fact that their SSD products have been ending up at the top spots of any enthusiast’s shortlist for the past couple of years. Samsung’s persistence and aggressiveness make it obvious that the company is not aiming for just a small slice of the vastly growing SSD market’s pie; Samsung is focused on establishing a strong foothold in light of total domination in the near future. Today we have their latest and fastest SSD product in our labs, the 840 Pro, successor to the very popular 830. In response to the latest controllers from Indilinx, Link-A-Media and Marvell, Samsung brings the new MDX controller into the battle, which boasts some amazing performance specifications. Just how much can Samsung reap inside the limits of the SATA 3.0 bandwidth? We will find out soon enough.

Manufacturer features and specifications


Product Type

Solid State Drive


2.5" 7mm (Ultraslim) Form Factor


840 PRO





Sequential Read Speed

Up to 540MB/s

Sequential Write Speed

Up to 520MB/s

Random Read Speed

Up to 100K IOPS

Random Write Speed

Up to 90K IOPS


Power Consumption (W)



5V ± 5%

Operating Systems


Windows Vista or Later

Environmental Specs

Operating Temperature

32?F to 140?F



.15 lb



5 Years


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