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Rumour: iPad 3 to debut in September this year?

Sure, Apple's iPad 2 has just been released to widespread fanfare across the world, but it seems that the Cupertino giant is not about to stand still, especially with the competition in the tablet space is starting to heat up. Once again, leave it to the rumour mill to churn out a never-ending stream of juicy tidbits regarding Apple's upcoming products, and the latest bit of info from China seems to suggest than an iPad 3 might just make its appearance on the market by September this year.

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So Apple has just released their iPad 2, and it is getting an extremely warm reception in countries all over the world. That is to be expected though: after all, Apple does have an impressive track record for producing well-designed, drool-worthy consumer electronic devices that always have a knack for fitting neatly into a user's digital lifestyle.

However, it is also a given that Apple does not believe in standing still and letting the competition catch up to it in terms of innovation and design, especially when it concerns their best selling devices. To that end, the rumour mill is churning out information claiming that the Cupertino giant is not about to give its competitors any breathing room, for some sources close to Apple are claiming that an upgraded version of the iPad might be well on its way to making an entrance on the market by as early as September this year.

Should this information be true, it will mean that Apple is giving itself less than six months of development time to design, test and finalize its new product. To put things in perspective, the iPad 2 was only launched an entire year after that of the first iPad; this suggests that Apple might have already had new features and designs planned for the iPad 3, but decided to release an iPad 2 as a stopgap to ensure that consumer interest in its tablet PCs remain high. This will make sense, considering that the rapid introduction of equally well-design Android-powered tablets are starting to take some attention away from Apple's iPad; indeed, Microsoft also adopted a similar approach with its Windows Mobile platform when it introduced Windows Mobile 6.5 to maintain its market presence while it focused on Windows Phone 7.

In addition to the estimated release date of the iPad 3, the rumour mill is also claiming knowledge of certain new features that are most likely to make their way into the new tablet. Examples of such features include the introduction of iOS 5, which is extremely possible considering how the iPad 3 will debut after the iPhone 5's introduction, which is almost definitely going to come bundled with the aforementioned version of Apple's iOS platform. 

Other features that are speculated to make an appearance in the rumoured iPad 3 include a Retina Display in order to truly position the tablet as the real media consumption device Apple markets it to be, along with a built-in camera flash and HDMI-out, most of which are standard features in all of its competitors' products today. Last but definitely not least, it is said that the iPad 3 will finally feature a built-in SD card reader, a feature which has been conveniently missing in Apple's entire Mac (until recently) and existing iPad product lines.

Last but not least, all the information shown above are nothing but the latest churnings produced by the rumour mill, so chances are their accuracy is anything but. Therefore, it will be wise to take in the news with nothing less than a huge truckload worth of salt.

Source: PConline via GizChina

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