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Rumour: HTC’s upcoming tablets will sport quite the Sensation

HTC may make some of the better Android-powered smartphones in the market, but the Taiwanese OEM has no offerings that can go head to head with the Android-powered tablets currently flooding the market. This does not mean that it has nothing up its sleeves though: now that the company has announced plans to make its entry into that segment, it should come as no surprise that it has got something special planned for its upcoming tablets in the form of a new UI.

A user interface layer may be nothing more than a piece of software OEMs preload into their devices in an attempt to distinguish it from competing products making use of the same operating system, but that does not stop them from thinking up of exotic names for that interface. And despite the fact that many tech-savvy users usually deride such non-stock user interfaces as resource-draining bloatware, it cannot be denied that these pieces of ‘bloatware’ usually add many additional features which may not be found on the stock user interface.

Of course, it also goes without saying that an OEM like HTC is not exempted from such practices. And while nobody knows what HTC exactly has in mind for its new tablets, it appears that the company has already thought of a decent name (or codename) for the eventual interface layer. According to Electronista, a recent trademark application filed by the OEM describes a certain HTC Sensation, which sports a couple of references to a “user interface software”.

At first glance, it would appear that the aforementioned HTC Sensation may be exactly what many will suspect: that it is intended to be a HTC-specific user interface that the company intends to overlay over its line of upcoming Android-powered tablets. After all, the name sounds similar enough to the OEM’s existing HTC Sense user interface for smartphones for even the average Joe to draw the connection between HTC’s line of Android-powered tablets and smartphones as part of a greater Android ecosystem.

That being said, the fact that no information about HTC Sensation’s look and feel has been divulged yet means that we ahave no idea about the kind of design elements the new UI may feature. For all we know, Sensation could be nothing more than a tablet port of HTC Sense , or it may be a completely new interface designed from scratch in order to optimize the user experience on a tablet. Either way, we will just have to wait and see if HTC’s Sensation is going to be the sensation that its name implies to be.

Source and image: Electronista.

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