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Rumour: Fujitsu to launch dual-booting Symbian smartphones?

We have heard of various out-of-this-world claims made by the rumour mill when it comes to popular consumer electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets, but this particular one which has just come to our attention today is probably in a class of their own with regards to their credibility. That being said, does anybody fancy a Fujitsu smartphone….and powered by Symbian?

For the most part, users typically understand that there is little hope that an existing, non-open source operating system will continue to be developed after the corporation which holds the copyrights (and the underlying source code to it) has thrown in the towel. And for those who are unaware, this is exactly what has happened to the Symbian operating system that once held more than 70% of the world's smartphone OS market share. While Nokia has promised to keep Symbian alive, even to the extent of announcing an update for the OS that is due on April 12, most OEMs would be wary about hopping onto a platform that is seemingly being soundly beaten by the likes of BlackBerry OS, Android and iOS.

With that in mind, it seems that the rumour mill has not had its fair share of Symbian-related news yet, and the latest information we have received seems to confirm that fact. In what is probably the most unexpected news ever, the rumour claims a partnership between the likes of Fujitsu and NTT DOCOMO that will see the former hopping onto the almost-dead Symbian platform with two smartphones that will feature the ability to dual-boot to an alternative operating system.

According to a blog posting made by Juggly.cn, the two devices will have the model names F-07C and F-12C. That being said, it is the F-07C that boasts the more outlandish claim: apparently, the F-07C will feature an Intel Atom processor and a 32GB SSD for storage. And everyone knows what it means when an OEM crams an x86 processor complete with such a large SSD into an embedded device;that the F-07C will be made to dual-boot between the likes of Windows 7 and Symbian. On the other hand, almost no information exists for the F-12C except for the fact that it will dual-boot between Symbian and Android v2.3.

Now, we are not going to doubt the fact that Symbian is capable of running on an x86 processor, as working x86 ports of the OS have already been made way back in 2009. And we are also not going to contest that an Atom processor is capable of handling both operating systems: after all, Windows 7 was supposedly developed with netbooks in mind, and this means that the processor used in the F-07C should be sufficiently powerful to run the desktop-grade operating system from Microsoft.

Rather, our suspicions stem from the fact that the user-interface presented in the image above looks decidedly fake: it is almost as if someone cut out an image of the Unity interface from Ubuntu, changed the wallpaper and added a chunk of Windows icons to pass it off as the real thing. But then again, we have been caught with wrong predictions when it comes to rumours such as this, so suffice to say we will definitely be keeping tabs on this one.

Source: Juggly

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