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Rumour: did Apple tamper with evidence to win injunction against Samsung’s Galaxy Tab?

Now that Apple has successfully blocked the sale of Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet device in Europe (save for the Netherlands), you'd think the Cupertino giant's legal team are now chilling out in La-la land over drinks, right? Well, that might not be the case for long, especially if the recent report we have seen which alleges that Apple had resorted to the tampering of evidence to win its injunction is of any indication.

Not too long ago, we posted news about the result of Apple's complain against Samsung and its Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet, where the latter was ordered by the courts to cease the sale of its tablets in Europe. Apparently, the ruling was made on the grounds that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 borrows a little too heavily from Apple's designs for it to be considered as a unique, seperate product in its own right.

However, rumours have since surfaced that Apple might have actually resorted to the digital manipulation of its comparison shots in order to strengthen its case against the Korean electronics giant. This alleged act was first unearthed by a website known as Webwereld (and subsequently republished by Engadget), which was somehow able to get a hold of Apple's court filing in Europe. Apparently, one of the comparison shots in the filing shows both Apple's iPad and Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 stacked side-by-side, where, at first glance, the latter appears cosmetically identical to the iPad where size and thickness is concerned.

This is where things start to get interesting. While it is a well-known fact that the iPad uses a display with an aspect ratio of 4:3, Engadget claims that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 actually utilizes a 16:10 display, thus making up the first such discrepancy in Apple's filing. In addition, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is also thinner than Apple's iPad, and not of the same thickness as implied by Apple's court filling. To back up its claims, Engadget has released its own comparison shot of the iPad and the Galaxy Tab 10.1, which clearly shows the latter sporting some obvious differences against the iPad in dimensions.

So what does this mean? Did Apple really resort to the alteration of its images to strengthen its case against Samsung? Well, the truth of it is that no one really knows the answer except for Apple themselves. In all fairness, it is entirely possible that Apple's image could merely be some form of exhibit to showcase the similarities between both tablets when shrunken down to similar dimensions, and that we are all making a huge issue out of something innocuous. Either way, it will be extremely interesting to see how this turns out.

Source: Webwereld via Engadget

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