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Rumour: Benchmarks of elusive HTC Vigor smartphone leaked?

About two years back, there was word that HTC was planning to release a smartphone known as the HTC Vigor, but with no images to back up the rumour, interest in the alleged smartphone quickly died down in no time. However, it seems that more information about the HTC Vigor has surfaced once again, and that it comes in the form of what appears to be leaked benchmark results.

Well, this certainly is interesting. Apparently, there was word floating around the depths of cyberspace about HTC reportedly toying around with what is supposedly a new smartphone known as the HTC Vigor from as far back as almost two years ago. However, the fact that not a single image of the alleged HTC Vigor ever made it out onto the Internet to confirm its existence meant that interest in the mysterious Vigor quickly faded after the initial hype.

That being said, the latest information we have obtained from various online sources seem to suggest that the HTC Vigor is in fact real, in spite of the lack of pictorial evidence. For one, a blurrycam photograph which was allegedly taken by the HTC Vigor first surfaced on PocketNow.com some 20 days ago, and now, it seems that Android Police has somehow managed to obtain what appears to be the benchmarks results for the Vigor, as shown below.

According to the benchmark results that Android Police has managed to obtain, it would seem that the mysterious HTC Vigor is seemingly aimed at the premium market, and its hardware specifications tell the story. Apparently, the Vigor will sport a 720p display, while a 1.5GHz processor provides the Vigor with its general purpose processing needs. And to top it off, the benchmarks are claiming that the Vigor makes use of a Qualcomm Adreno 220 GPU for its graphics crunching needs.

That being said, Android Police has also pointed out that benchmarks results such as the Vigor's "are fairly easy to spoof", and that readers should take the findings with a grain of salt. On our end, we'd say the same thing too, but after replacing "a gain" of salt with "a large chunk" of it.

Source: Android Police, PocketNow.com

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