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Rumour: AMD preparing Radeon HD 6930


Not to be outdone by NVIDIA's recent GeForce GTX 560 Ti 448 Core release, AMD is preparing a salvaged GPU of their own. According to reports from Chinese forums, the new card will be branded Radeon HD 6930, and based on Cayman. The HD 6930 will fill in the gap between HD 6870 and HD 6950, and will retail in the $180-$200 price range. 

HD 6930 cuts down 2 more SIMDs over HD 6950, leaving only 20 of 24 Cayman's SIMDs ienabled. This translates to 1280 SP and 80 TMU. ROPs and memory are left untouched to 32 and 256-bit respectively. The 6930 features a downclock to 750 MHz, with 1GB or 2GB GDDR5 clocked at 4.8 GHz. The TDP is not mentioned, but should requires 2x PCI-e connectors, suggesting a TDP of over 150W. 
Both pice and performance are expected to fill the gap between HD 6870 and HD 6950. In doing so, it will also fill in the gap between GTX 560 and GTX 560 Ti. 
HD 6930 will surely be the last HD 6000 series product to release, with HD 7000 series rumoured to be announced on ecember 5th. Like the GTX 560 Ti 448, the 6930 is most likely to be a limited edition SKU. Judging by AMD's past history, there's a good chance that the HD 6930 will be China-exclusive or otherwise available in limited regions. 
Source: Fudzilla

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