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Rumored PS4K console will run games at 1080p minimum


Digital Foundry has shed some more light on the rumored upcoming PS4K console from Sony.

Sony has apparently asked its developers to make sure that PlayStation 4 games played in Neo Mode on the “PS4K”need to run at 1080p or higher resolution, with equivalent or higher frame rate than on the PS4.

It has also been revealed that the PS4K will not ship with a new controller. The same DualShock 4 controller from the PS4 will be bundled with the upcoming console. Gamers will be able to use their PlayStation Network ID on their existing PS4 as well as the PS4K, but they can only have one activated as their Primary Console at a time. Surprisingly, it is being reported that the PS4K won’t have any exclusive games nor exclusive content. Instead, developers will be able to “enhance” PS4 games for the PS4K.

Source: Eurogamer.net

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