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Rumor suggests Xiaomi foray into PC business


Xiaomi, the ‘Apple of China’ seems to be all set to enter another category where Apple enjoys an enviable position – notebooks. The first alleged picture of Xiaomi’s first notebook computer has showed up online and surprisingly, or should we say unsurprisingly, it looks eerily similar to Apple’s MacBook Air design wise.

It isn’t just the design that is similar, the Mi notebook could also be positioned in the same ultrabook segment as the MacBook Air going by the specifications of the device. According to rumors, the Xiaomi ultrabook could be powered by an Intel i7 4500U Haswell chip, 16GB RAM and feature a 15-inch display with Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution. It is also claimed that it will run on a Linux OS customized by Xiaomi and not Microsoft Windows.

Although the device isn’t expected to compete with the MacBook Air directly thanks to its larger display size, it should still be pretty thin and lightweight going by the leaked images. The device looks to have a metal build and proudly shows off the Xiaomi branding in Orange, on the bottom bezel of the display. It also seems to have an Orange function button and will not offer an opticak disk drive from what we can tell. More than the specifications and design, it is the price of the device that could be a real shocker. The source behind the leak has mentioned a price of 2,999 Yuan (about $481) which makes it really great value for money.

Xiaomi has seen impressive growth this year in the smartphone market and became the third largest smartphone vendor this year. It has also launched a number of non-mobile products this year, including an HDTV, Air Purifier, media players, and headphones. If the Xiaomi notebook is indeed real, it doesn’t will not be very surprising as branching out does seem like a sensible thing to do for a company as successful as Xiaomi.

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