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Rumor suggests first HP-made Windows Phone coming this year

Following Microsoft’s strategic decision to acquire Nokia’s smartphone business on the cheap, it was widely believed that Redmond would try to identify the Windows Phone brand with the once mighty handset manufacturer and neglect some of its other partners.


And yet for the time being the (few) existing Windows Phone players don’t seem to think they’re undervalued. Quite on the contrary, as Huawei is reportedly working on an Ascend W3 device, Samsung has had an AT&T-bound gadget leaked and HTC is still tipped to be ironing out the kinks of a sort of One rehash with WP8.

Meanwhile, we’re even hearing there are new OEMs considering a Windows Phone push. Namely, HP. I’m pretty sure you remember when the leader of the global PC business was rumored to be prepping an Android handheld, but apparently that idea was ditched. Or at least put on hold.

The gossip about Hewlett Packard having a Windows-powered smartphone in the pipeline has surfaced over in Germany, though WinFuture, the website that first reported it, has no shred of evidence supporting the story. Just the word of a “trusted” tipster.


Sounds fishy, I know, but where there’s smoke, there’s often fire, so ze Germans might be on to something after all. Sadly, aside from having no proof whatsoever there’s fire to go with this cloak of smoke, the folks over at WinFuture also have no specs, features or availability details. Save from “probably coming by the end of this year”.

Hopefully, that means HP will wait for WP’s GDR 3 to roll out and then intro a bitching larger than 5-incher with a Full HD screen and quad-core processor. Go big or go home, HP, and try to forget about your past webOS-based woes (you know, the Veer, Pre3, those sorts of abominations).

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