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Rumor: Samsung prepping ‘Gear Glass’, a Google Glass competitor, for spring 2014 launch

As financially comfortable as you might be in the technology world and as much as your brand might be respected and valued by billions of people, it’s never wise to rest on your laurels and just wait for the dough to pile up.


Just ask BlackBerry how that “strategy” is working for the company. Or Nokia. On that note, seeing Samsung always attempt to bring forth something new and potentially groundbreaking is certainly worth some praise. Even if the Koreans don’t always hit a home run. Definitely not from a first at-bat.

But what exactly could be next for Sammy once they put the finishing touches on flexible smartphone displays and either step things up a notch (or ten) in the smartwatch arena or realize the niche is not worth fighting for?

According to Eldar Murtazin of Russian website Mobile-Review, yet another piece of wearable technology, this time intended to cross swords with Google Glass. You know, the seemingly pointless ubiquitous computer that’s however still in beta and Big G promises will be much more functional and productive next year, when it’s to hit stores.


The thing is, if Google continues to put off the commercial release, Samsung could actually undercut “Project Glass”, as Gear Glass (not the most inspired name of the world, eh?) is tipped to land around April or May next year.

Then again, there’s no word on whether this April-May ETA is for a genuine launch or mere formal unveiling, so Larry Page, Sergey Brin and the gang likely have nothing serious to worry about… yet.

Besides, Murtazin doesn’t quite have a track record that I’d describe as clean as a whistle with speculations of this sort, plus he has no details whatsoever on the specs, features, pricing or even technology behind Gear Glass. Will it run Android or Tizen? Will it be compatible with all of Samsung’s phones or only some, as we know what other wearable gizmo? Questions for the ages…

Sources: Sam Mobile, Twitter

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