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Rumor overload: Nokia ‘Normandy’ to go official as Nokia X at MWC 2014

The latest in a long line of Nokia Normandy-centric rumors calls for the company’s purported first Android device to be marketed as the Nokia X and get an official announcement in late February, at the Mobile World Congress.


I remember as if it was yesterday. A wild rumor basically surfaced out of nowhere and no one really bought it. At first. Because then, it slowly but steadily gained credibility, as numerous photos popped up, along with benchmark data and covert information only people with very strong connections could have had access to.

So now, it’s nearly certain. A Nokia phone with some sort of pre-loaded Android fork is or has until recently been in the works. Will it ever see daylight? That, my friends, is the million-dollar question. The answer? It may get unraveled on February 24.

That day, as the Mobile World Congress debuts, is when Nokia plans to “meet us under the tree”. In plain English, the Finns are to hold a mysterious press conference in Barcelona, Spain, no doubt to unveil a fresh product of sorts.

Nokia MWC

Our prime suspect is obviously the “Normandy”, though there’s an outside chance the event’s star will instead be the oft-rumored Lumia Icon for Verizon. It’s outside, mind you, as it wouldn’t make much sense for a US-exclusive handheld to swing by the old continent.

There’s also a tidbit on Nokia’s press invitation which could be interpreted as a hint: the color green. Quick, what do you associate it with? Grass, leaves, maybe emeralds? How about Android? Sure, it could be a coincidence. But like author Anthony Horowitz, “where some people see coincidence, I see conspiracy. That’s my job.”

By the by, industry tipster @evleaks also “coincidentally” tweeted the presumed final name of “Project Normandy” – Nokia X – just as the MWC invites were going out. Talk about conspiracies, eh?

Sources: The Verge, Twitter

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