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Rumor: Oppo prepping Android-based smart camera, Samsung beware!

Android-powered smart cameras have been seen as devices of the future for as long as I can remember, but so far Samsung has essentially been the only big manufacturer to make real efforts towards creating a market out of this concept.


Last year’s Galaxy Camera can be called the timid road-opener, while this year’s Galaxy NX is more than just a follow-up – it’s a groundbreaker. Still, there’s no sign of these hybrid gizmos becoming mainstream anytime soon.

But at least we have a new OEM willing to join the fight. And while it may not have Samsung’s reputation, it’s certainly on the rise in the Android décor. It’s Oppo, the underdog we’re all rooting for.

Be honest, if the Find 5 smartphone had Galaxy S4’s marketing budget and solid carrier support, would you have been interested in it? I think so. Likewise, if Oppo puts enough resources into their rumored upcoming Android smart cam, the sky is the limit for what it can achieve.

For now however, let’s underline this Oppo camera is in no way confirmed. The only shred of evidence we have supporting its existence is a photo that may or may not be from a company’s secret internal presentation.

I think there’s a good chance the pic is the real deal, but still, we know next to nothing about the gadget’s specs. Android Authority’s confidential source claims it will be “high resolution”, boast an “innovative” design and an “interface meant to support creativity”, but if we erase the marketing bull from all that we’re still left with nothing concrete.

Oh, well, at least you have an extra reason (aside from the Find 5 Mini and Find 7) to be excited for Oppo’s future announcements. If you believe in the potential of smart cameras, that is. Do you?

Via [Android Authority]

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