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Rumor: NeoGAF source claims 900p ‘to be the norm’ for most Xbox One games

In a recent post, well-known NeoGAF user CBOAT makes unverified claims that 900p will ‘be the norm’ for most Xbox One games and that the console is being rushed by Microsoft, leading a confirmed Xbox One dev to respond to the allegations.

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NeoGAF user CBOAT has gained recognition in the gaming community for his predictions based on Microsoft’s Xbox One, many of which have been more or less on the mark. Many of CBOAT’s claims have been disproven, but he’s also been correct on a number of things, including much of Microsoft’s E3 campaign.

Now the renown NeoGAF member has shared his recent predictions that most Xbox One games will support max resolutions of 900p rather than full 1080p, and that the console will face many “reliability issues” thanks to a rushed 2013 launch:

“I hope you aren’t fans of 1080P on Xbox One.When hardware is released you’ll see what I mean about issues. Upclocks too risk everywhere, 2014 was a better idea.”

“Sounds like there’ll be problems a-la Xbox 360 with reliability and it was rushed out to be in 2013 rather than 2014 when planned.”

“I never said anything about forza being 1080p, but they should make it. Exception, not the rule though, nevermind trying to match eyecandy thanks to esram, 720p- 900p will be the norm on xbone just you watch.”

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Of course the predictions must be chalked up to rumor as they are unverified, but it will be interesting to see and compare the resolution in various cross-platform titles on the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4.

If true, these claims give more credence to the gaming community’s current stance as defenders of Sony’s next-gen console–but that is not to say that the Xbox One doesn’t have its own unique and impressive elements to balance its purported shortcomings.


The statements drew attention of a confirmed Xbox One developer on Reddit who jumped in to try to clarify a few things to the gaming community. According to the dev, the console that CBOAT based his predictions on was made for stress testing and doesn’t reflect a finalized Xbox One:

“I actually am aware of that and know a few of them. You should know we’ve gotten many devkits throughout this past year.

“The console in question is a zebra turned stress machine for hardware/heat issues testing.”

In any case, the technical aspects of the consoles and their respective launch titles have stirred the gaming world from root to stem, and millions of gamers worldwide have been active within the next-gen war. When both consoles meet their respective launches next month the battle will rage on, and we’ll likely get solid answers to some of the most hotly debated concepts.

Microsoft’s Xbox One console is slated to launch on Nov. 22, 2013 for a price point of $499. For more information feel free to check our recent coverage or visit the Xbox Wire.

Via Pixel Enemy, NeoGAF, Reddit

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