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Rumor: Microsoft bullying Nokia into nixing Windows RT Sirius tablet

Since Nokia has been bleeding money for a good couple of years now, losing precious ground in the mobile phone supremacy battle and thousands of employees in the process, you’d think Microsoft’s interest in acquiring them would be welcomed with the utmost enthusiasm.


Yet the acquisition, which still has to undergo several rounds of external arbitration and get a number of stamps of approval from regulatory agencies, appears to have created a heavy tension between the future partners.

Rumor had it just a couple of days ago that the Nokia Lumia 1520 unveiling delay was caused by said tension and now a renowned tech journalist with all the right connections is adding fuel to the fire by claiming the Microsoft/Nokia collaboration is anything but smooth sailing.

Namely, according to Eldar Murtazin of Mobile Review, Microsoft has already taken an aggressive position towards Nokia’s products, telling the Finns what to do “like they already own the company”.

Even more specifically, MS is trying to convince Nokia to cancel the scheduled fall launch of the Win RT-powered “Sirius” tablet for all eternity, as well as discard about half of the existing Asha touch-enabled feature phones.


Nokia’s stance in all this? Still unclear, albeit it’s pretty obvious the Asha and Lumia makers are determined to fight Microsoft on a number of issues.

Then again, while I don’t like taking sides in arguments that might not even be real in the first place (Murtazin is reliable, but not bulletproof), I reckon Redmond has a point in looking to stop Sirius on its way to the market.

We know very well how poorly received the first Windows RT slates have been, and, with a Surface 2 likely in the pipeline, there’s really no room around for both that and Nokia’s 10-incher. Or is there? What do you guys think?

Sources: Unwired View, Twitter

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