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Rumor: LG’s 2015 plans revolve around G4, G Pro line abandoned

One flagship Android device a year may suffice for on-the-rise LG, which never made much of an impression with the G Pro family.

LG G Pro 2

As lines between mainstream high-end smartphones and nichey, oversized phablets get finer, most first-rate mobile players are faced with a mind-bending decision. Should they continue treating the target audiences differently, or turn the page to a one-hero strategy for all?

HTC seemingly went for the latter, and dropped the One Max franchise before it could even become a series. Meanwhile, Samsung is likely to keep the Galaxy S and Note rosters separate, whereas LG is tipped to follow HTC’s suit.

According to trusted sources in the OEM’s homeland of Korea, the G Pro will be no more come next year, and LG is expected to fully focus its top-tier efforts on G3’s sequel. Since earlier speculation had it a G Pro 3 was en route in early spring, and the G4 several months later, we must wonder whether this means the timetable on the whole changed.

LG G4 concept

If it did, it’s entirely possible the G4 sees daylight at or soon after MWC in February, which would be less than nine months on the heels of G3’s intro. Alternatively, LG may rely on the aging but still mighty popular G3 to hold its own a while longer, perhaps until the G4 can accommodate a 64-bit Snapdragon 810 processor.

Finally, it’s not out of the question both a G4 and G5 are prepped for 2015 launches, with the latter coming in the fall to directly take on an eventual Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

It’s worth pointing out that HTC, the apparent inspiration behind LG’s tactic adjustment, is reportedly looking to bring a One Max follow-up of sorts after all. The “Hima Ultra” may debut alongside the 5-inch Hima, aka One M9, and blow hardcore phablet lovers out of the water with a 5.7-inch or larger Quad HD screen, 20.7 MP camera and at least 3 GB RAM.

With Sony also believed to have an Xperia Z4 and Z4 Ultra in the pipeline, LG might eventually be all alone in this two-family fusion. Sounds like a risky approach, but if executed wisely, it could work out for the best.

Sources: G for Games, Herald Corp

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