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Rumor: HTC One Mini launching in Europe in early August

One of the biggest stars of the rumor mill these past months, the nearly confirmed HTC One Mini, abruptly disappeared from our radar a couple of weeks back. But now it’s back and here to stay, as the latest word around the block is its release is happening very soon.


How soon is “very soon”? Apparently, in a month and some change the One Mini will be up on store shelves in Germany. That’s at least according to high-profile German telecom magazine Teltarif.

The publication claims to have been in touch with an O2 representative, who was able to confirm the phone’s commercial launch date on the carrier is August 3. Sure, there’s no way to know yet if the network dealer has the right kind of intel (or if he exists in the first place), but the story has a definite whiff of credibility.

If it all proves accurate, chances are ze Germans won’t be the only ones able to snatch the One Mini come August 3, with the rest of the old continent likely getting the 4.3-incher at around the same time. Who knows, maybe some countries will even get it earlier.

HTC One-One Mini

Unfortunately, this only solves one of two mysteries still surrounding the One Mini, thus leaving the pricing enigma intact. And given the phone will be viewed as a budget version of the original One, this detail has the potential to make or break its hit potential.

At the same time, HTC has to be aware of the competition, namely the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, set to see daylight in early July for a price of roughly €400 in Europe and probably 400 bucks in America.

Remember, the One Mini should be a little more technically impressive than the S4 Mini, sporting a 720p display, packing a Snapdragon 400 chip, plus 2 GB of RAM, UltraPixel camera, BoomSound speakers and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

Via [Unwired View] and [Teltarif]

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