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Rumor: ‘GTA V’ to hit PS4, Xbox One and PC this June

A Romanian website lists pre-orders for the PS4 and Xbox One flavors of GTA V for a June release, and one German retail worker perpetuates the Summer release window.


The gaming community has been scouring the web for tidbits and info surrounding the highly anticipated release of Grand Theft Auto V on PC and next-gen, leading to a bounty of rumors and speculation. Rockstar Games has been noticeably quiet on the subject, instead letting the rumor mill run rampant with suppositions and anticipation.

The first indication of a PC and next-gen version was outed by a deep scanning of GTA V‘s code, which outright mentioned alternate versions of the game–Xbox One, PS4 and PC to be specific.

Fast-forwarding a few months later we find pre-order listings for GTA V on PS4/Xbox One via the Romanian website Altex.ro, which outright lists both games for 299.90 leu. Interestingly enough, the listings have yet to be taken down, and a screenshot can be found below:

GTA V PS4 Xbox One

In the past, Altex’s leaked listings have proven to be correct, with the most recent being the Jackdaw Edition of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag that was shown before Ubisoft publicly revealed it.

Further credence of the June release date is given by comments made by Twitter user Tech-Nick, who manages the online German retailer Saturn.de.

In a recent Tweet, the German worker said that Grand Theft Auto V for PC and Xbox One/PS4 is slated for a release in June–but later clarified that he was just voicing a rumor. It’s possible that Tech-Nick saw Altex’s listing before sending out the Tweet, however it may be a coincidence that may indicate the June release is right on the mark.

Further reports indicate that Rockstar had planned to showcase a special event during the Destination PlayStation event in Arizona, but the studio cancelled at the last minute. It seems that Rockstar may be waiting until E3 2014 to formally announce the game’s next-gen and PC variants.

As always we have to take these suppositions and rumors with a grain of salt, as Rockstar has yet to officially confirmed anything regarding GTA V on PC and next-gen. We’ll be sure to update you with further info and news breaks, but for now you’ll have to fire up your Xbox 360 or PS3 in order to play Grand Theft Auto V.

 Via BGR, The Epoch Times, K Drama Stars

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