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Rumor: Google TV to get Android Market soon

Remember how we posted an article some time back about users reportedly being successful in hacking Google’s Google TV operating system to be usable with the Android Market? Well, it seems that the hackers need not have bothered after all: apparently, a Logitech representative had jumped the gun by passing an offhand comment about Google TV-enabled devices officially getting the Android Market treatment from the search giant itself.

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It goes without saying that a mobile operating system needs to fulfill two specific requisites in order for it to be considered for mainstream adoption by consumers. Simply put, the OS has to be easy to use and versatile enough to be ported to multiple other devices, while sporting a large enough app repository for users to download applications that further extend the functionality of their devices.

And as far as Google is concerned, it would appear that the search giant’s Android operating system has already met both pre-requisites. However, Android suffers from a single flaw; the operating system’s main draw for consumers lies in its large Android Market repository, which non-smartphone Android devices are locked out. Needless to say, that includes Google TV-enabled devices such as the Sony Internet TV and the Logitech Revue. However, it appears that this situation is about to change for the better: a representative from Logitech has allegedly claimed that Google is looking into enabling Android Market access for Google TV-enabled devices in a future update.

Details about such an update are still non-existent, but it appears that the whole rumor about such a feature sparked off when an Android developer known as Al Sutton posted in Twitter about the Android Market receiving a server-side update. In this post, Al Sutton claimed that Google has added a extra filter to the system that allows users and OEMs to use the touchscreen (or lack of) feature on their device as a filtering feature when accessing the Android Market.

Usually, a simple update such as this would not have raised any eyebrows as OEMs and carriers have been experimenting with such devices for some time already. However, it was the fact that Al Sutton claimed that the update was specially made to accommodate Google TV-enabled devices which immediately sparked off the rumours that Google may be planning to enable access to its application repository for Google TV users in a future update to the Android operating system. And it is this revelation which suddenly makes the alleged leak from Logitech a whole lot more credible instead of sounding like wishful thinking on the representative’s part.

Last but definitely not least, it should also be quite clear by now that Google’s move is directly aimed at Apple, if this piece of news is to be believed. After all, Apple had already dabbled into the Internet television business way before Google released Google TV, and the Cupertino company had recently announced that an Apple TV App Store will be released for the device “when the time is right”. If anything, Google’s latest update has just made the battle for the Internet TV a lot more…interesting, to say the least. That being said, we cannot help but point out that the rumour started propagating just as Steve Jobs started an indefinite medial leave of absence. Coincidence much?

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