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Rumor has it: Flexible Galaxy Note 3 coming in October, Galaxy S5 to rock HTC One-like aluminum unibody

That’s right, it’s that time of the year again. The time dubious, unverifiable sources start to fuel rumors of Samsung going on a different design path for future members of the Galaxy. You all know what I’m talking about, metal and flexibility.


But will it all be more than just a sandstorm this time around? After all, the Galaxy S3 was heavily speculated to rock an aluminum unibody, the S4 likewise, even the Note 3. Not to mention that, for a second or two, we all bought the whispers of the S4 and Note 3 sporting curvable, bendable “Youm” screens.

So what’s different now? For one thing, flexible displays are not exactly sci-fi movie material anymore, being showcased a number of times at trade shows and expos. And for once, we’re hearing someone sensibly talking about a “limited edition” of a Samsung flagship device being flexible instead of the regular, serial variant.

Namely, a limited edition Galaxy Note 3. The thing is a Korean news outlet claims to have got on-the-record confirmation from a Samsung spokesperson that the flexible Note 3 exists, which sounds pretty fishy.


But let’s not be negativistic. Maybe an official did really drop the ball on this no doubt covert intel and inadvertently confirmed its existence. Or maybe it’s part of a plan to boost some hype. In any case, chances are Samsung will bring to light this special Note 3 sometime in October and sell it only in Korea for starters.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy S5 rumor bonanza is about to begin, as the number one Android OEM in the world is reportedly seeking help from metal chassis suppliers in Taiwan to make the transition from plastic to aluminum as smooth as possible.

Specifically, Samsung is allegedly looking to strike a partnership with Catcher, a relatively low-profile company that has however produced the casings of Apple’s iPad Mini and HTC One. How about it, folks? Would you fancy a smartphone looking like a crossover between the S4 and HTC One? What about a virtually unbreakable Note 3 with a malleable outer shell?

Sources: Unwired View, Phone Arena, Taipei Times

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