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Rumor: Devs only have access to 7GB of PS4’s 8GB of RAM

According to a recent rumor, game developers will only have access to 7 GB's of the PlayStation 4's 8GB of RAM, with the remaining gig being utilized by the console's operating system.

A new rumor has been circulated through the gaming sphere that centers on the PlayStation 4's RAM, and more specifically the limited amount of the console's RAM that developers have access to.

According to the rumor, developers will only have access to 7 of the PS4's 8 GB of RAM, with the rest being occupied by the console's expansive operating system as well as remaining space for background tasks.

The rumor itself is based on information gleaned by an unnamed PS4 developer during a recent interview, yet due to the non-official nature of the reports, the subject must be chalked up to rumor.

Based on the specs that Sony released back in February, the PS4 features an impressive 8GB's of GDDR5 RAM that offers a substantial bandwidth advantage with speeds at176 GB/s. Additionally, Sony's next-gen console utilizes an 8 core CPU and GPU with 18 compute units that is reportedly capable of dishing out 1.84 Teraflops, which are both part of the APU combination created by AMD.

Sony has made a large effort to collaborate with many high-profile developers (such as Crytek, Epic Games and id Software) and asked the dev teams what they wanted out of the PS4 and used the feedback to provide the console's developer-friendly infrastructure. 

Sony isn't the only one that features consoles with large operating systems: Nintendo did the same with the Wii U, which utilizes half of its 2GB of RAM for its operating system. The introduction of new features comes at the cost of more allocated memory, and we'll most likely see similar trends with Microsoft's Xbox 720.

The Japan-based console maker is expected to attend this year's E3 event in June, and it will be interesting to see if they speak out on this rumor–and the list of countless others–during their appearance at the show. For now we'll just have to chalk this one up to speculation until more information comes to light.

Via PS4Daily

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