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Rumor claims Microsoft may switch to Android, could drop Windows Phone


Could Microsoft be giving up on its own Windows Phone platform? Well, that’s exactly what a new rumor is suggesting.

A tweet by leakster MSNerd today claimed that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and other members of the senior leadership team (SLT) are reportedly discussing the possibility of dropping Windows Phone from its smartphones and small tablets.

Microsoft could then offer Android devices that will include its array of apps and services pre-installed. The company had recently signed deals with Dell and Samsung to pre-load its apps and services on their Android tablets.

The leakster said, “Microsoft would push Google Play devices with Microsoft apps in exchange for Google providing first-class Maps, YouTube, Search on Windows.”

While the above rumor may sound a bit far-fetched, there is no doubt that Windows Phone isn’t actually working out for Microsoft as the OS has a much smaller market share compared to Android and iOS. In Q1 this year, it is believed that total Windows Phone activations made up for just one percent of enterprise mobile activations.

Source: The Inquirer

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