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Roy Taylor’s mystery FX chip is a refreshed FX-9590 CPU

AMD follows its usual summer-FX pattern by releasing a refreshed version of the same chip — but this time with watercooling.


A few days ago AMD’s Roy Taylor teased the Twittersphere with a picture of a box for a new, watercooled FX-series processor. He didn’t say anything more, so naturally the theories ran wild with what the chip might be.

Turns out there’s no need for excitement: it’s just the same Vishera chip on Piledriver architecture at a slightly higher clockspeed. NCIX-owned Hardware Canucks (disclosure: this author used to write for them) says they did some asking and found out that it’s a refreshed 5GHz FX-9590 with an included water cooler.

The new package from AMD includes an Asetek-made liquid CPU cooler and FX-9590 CPU for $360. This makes for a good deal, as the FX-9590 standalone chip costs $319 and entry-level water coolers begin at $60.

Having the addition of this water cooler means that users will be able to achieve higher overclocking speeds out of the box. It doesn’t look like there’s anything new on the chip aside from the addition of the water cooler.

Source: Hardware Canucks

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