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Rovio to release Angry Birds Go! racing game this summer

Angry Birds is back again, but in a new genre. Gear up to play a racing game based on the Angry Birds universe. Dubbed Angry Birds Go!, this new game will land on your favorite mobile devices this summer.

Angry Birds Go

Everyone loves Angry Birds, or more likely throwing them at the pigs. It’s been years¬†since the introduction of the original game, people have associated Angry Birds to throwing really angry (sometimes cute) birds at the disgusting pigs and breaking their castles. This summer, Rovio aims to release the first Angry Birds titled game that deviates from the original genre. Angry Birds Go! is a racing game that Rovio promises will bring you closer than ever to Piggy Island.

“It’s Angry Birds, but not as you know it!” – Rovio

The teaser website doesn’t say much except… Well, why don’t you check it out for yourself!

Angry Birds Go!

Ready. Set. Angry Birds Go!

Anyhow, this racing themed title should launch sometime later this summer. Keep your eyes out for Angry Birds racing in karts!

Source: Angry Birds Go! via Rovio

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