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Round 12: Samsung and Asus push Apple on the ropes with new anti-iPhone spoofs

If this were a boxing match, we’d fear severe brain damage for the still-standing Apple.

Asus iPhone spoof-2

We have to admit, Cupertino has been heroic to last this far under the constant pounding of rivals. Rivals that formed a united humorous front against the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus even before the two went official.

Samsung, Sony, HTC, Microsoft, LG, Asus and even Nestle and Blackberry intensified their attacks as critical iOS 8 glitches surfaced and #bendgate accusations escalated, searching for a knockout win in a bout with a now heavily wounded heavyweight champion.

But Apple rolled with the punches and, resisting a wave of bad publicity and a predictable stock dip, it pushed through, responding to the Bendgate debacle and offering its faithful followers safe patches and workarounds for software bugs.

Asus iPhone spoof

Now, the iPhone creators merely want to go the distance and get saved by the bell, as the end of round 12 approaches and no towel is in sight. Sure, the scars will be visible for months, maybe years, but the title can only be lost by KO.

And most of the challengers are themselves too tired to keep hitting the unbreakable champ, while Samsung and Asus seem too desperate to find the fatal blow.

Yes, Sammy, we get it, you feel Apple copied the first few iterations in the Galaxy Note series when “conceiving” the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. You made that abundantly clear in a recent video commercial, so why also take out a large and, presumably, expensive newspaper ad to send the exact same message?

iPhone 7 spoof

Are you maybe running out of ideas? Simply running on auto-pilot and gushing out whatever ironic remark you can come up with? Don’t get me wrong, I smiled the first time I saw that Note 4 blueprint and the cheeky “Dear Apple, here’s a headstart for the iPhone 7” text accompanying it. But the more I thought of it, the more I felt I had heard that joke before. Several times.

As for Asus, their jabs actually feel fresh and genuinely funny. The “big brother to lean on” spoof in particular made me chuckle. Still, not only can they never challenge the heavyweight belt, they can’t even get through the weigh-in. Yes, they’re that lightweight.

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