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Rosewill Tachyon 550W & Silentnight 500W Review

While the efficiency of the Tachyon 550W unit is very high, reaching up to the breathtaking 94% when the unit operates at 50% capacity, it is unfortunate that the efficiency drops sharply as the load decreases. During our testing, the Tachyon even dropped below the 90% efficiency certification limit at 20% load when powered from an 110VAC source.

Even though its efficiency is outstanding, the thermal performance of the Tachyon 550W unit is rather middling, especially considering the mediocre capacity of the power supply. The temperature delta reaches up to 6.1°C under maximum load, a significant number considering that the power wasted as thermal should be only about 60W.

Due to the high efficiency and conservative cooling scheme of the Tachyon 550W, the fan of the unit maintains rather low rotational speeds, keeping noise levels to a minimum. Thus, the Tachyon remains almost entirely silent across the entire load range, with the air turbulence reaching audible levels if the load exceeds 80% of the unit's capacity.

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