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Rosewill Tachyon 550W & Silentnight 500W Review

The Silentnight is based on exactly the same design as the Tachyon 550W unit, therefore it goes without saying that Super Flower is the OEM behind this power supply as well. The Taiwanese OEM bolstered the heatsinks of the design tremendously, allowing it to operate passively even if heavily loaded for hours. Surprisingly, the soldering job is better than the one we have seen in the Tachyon 550W power supply.

The filtering stage also remains identical and starts directly onto the main PCB, with four Y-type capacitors, three X-type capacitors and two filtering chokes. And, once again, there is no surge-suppressing MOV.

Beneath the monstrous primary heatsink, we can see the APFC capacitor and coil, both of which are protected within insulative material. The capacitor is supplied by Nippon Chemi-Con, model KMQ 420V/470μF and rated at 105°C. The primary rectifying bridge can be seen to the right side of the main heatsink, followed by two diodes and two transistors, forming the half-bridge inversion primary side topology.

Huge heatsinks cover most of the secondary side of the Silentnight, with Super Flower placing a heatsink even on the primary transformer of the power supply. The metallic shields on the DC to DC conversion circuit transistors have been replaced with a large heatsink as well. Again, Nippon Chemi-Con supplies the capacitors, making the Silentnight an all-Japanese affair.

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