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Rosewill Tachyon 550W & Silentnight 500W Review

A typical black fan is hidden behind the elaborate honeycomb fan guard. Rosewill rebranded the fan but the fan model (RL4ZS1402512M) gave away the fan's manufacturer, who is Globe. It is a low speed (1200RPM) fan with a slide bearing, commonly used in efficient power supplies with medium power outputs.

It is very easy to identify the OEM behind the Tachyon 550W unit by a simple gaze at it, as the design clearly is one of Super Flower's builds. The latest platform from the Taiwanese manufacturer managed to reach 80Plus Platinum efficiency standards for medium capacity units. The design is clean and the unit is well made, although we think that the soldering job leaves a little something to complain about.

There are no components at the back of the A/C receptacle and the filtering stage of the Tachyon 550W unit starts on the main PCB. We counted four Y-type capacitors, three X-type capacitors and two filtering chokes, more than enough for a good input filtering. Unfortunately there is no MOV for surge-suppression, a component which is today considered outdated, yet many enthusiasts feel better knowing that there is one installed.

The primary side APFC capacitor is supplied by Nippon Chemi-Con and is a KMQ 420V/470μF model rated at 105°C. The main heatsink holds the primary rectifier and the inversion circuit, a half-bridge configuration formed by two transistors.

Naturally, the heatsink on the secondary side of the main transformer holds the transistors which form the 12V rail. All electrolytic capacitors associated with the secondary stage of the Tachyon are supplied by Nippon Chemi-Con as well. The vertical PCB next to the secondary heatsink holds the DC to DC conversion and regulation circuits. Super Flower installed metallic shields over the transistors, indication that the produce more EMI than the designer was comfortable with.

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