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Rosewill Tachyon 550W & Silentnight 500W Review

The Tachyon is based on a relatively simple steel chassis, with the only exception being that the top cover forms a honeycomb-type fan guard rather than using a typical circular guard like most other units. Rosewill sprayed the entire chassis of the Tachyon 550W PSU black and, with no other colors in sight, created an all-black theme. The size of the chassis is a little off from the ATX design guide recommendations, with the Tachyon being 170mm deep, 10mm deeper than ATX compliant units.

Both sides of the Tachyon are entirely plain; there are no stickers, engravings or aesthetic enhancements of any kind.

The sticker with the electrical specifications and quality control certifications of the Tachyon can be found at the top side of the power supply. This sticker will be visible from a windowed side panel if the power supply is installed at the bottom of a case with its fan facing downwards.

Much like any other modern unit, the rear of this power supply is entirely perforated in order to allow for the air pushed by the cooling fan to escape to the outside of the case. Rosewill went with the identical honeycomb pattern of the fan guard. The unit uses a standard A/C power cable and on/off switch.

At the front of the power supply, we can see the six modular cable connectors and the hole from where the hardwired cables are coming out from. It is interesting to note that the connectors are covered with rubber caps. There is no legend regarding which cable goes to which connector, simply because any cable can be inserted into any of the six connectors.

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