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This is the room where the iPhone was born

For the first time ever, the secretive company has revealed details about the development process of its iconic smartphone.


It’s safe to say that the iPhone has played a major part in making Apple a truly global brand. In less than a decade the iPhone became one of the most popular smartphones in the world.

A lot has been written about Apple’s secretive nature. It is well known that whenever the company is working on new products, it creates makeshift windowless rooms where only those who are authorized can assemble and get to work. People are just randomly tapped from different departments, their colleagues and other Apple employees never necessarily know what’s happening behind closed doors. Obviously discretion is key.

Greg Christie, who was one of the first employees tapped to work on the iPhone back in 2004 and still designs software interface for the company’s products, terms the room as “hallowed ground.” Christie recalls that the windowless room was lit by fluorescent lights that hung from the ceiling. Some walls even had water damage due to damage from a flood in an adjacent bathroom. Others were adorned by designer Paul Rand’s well known “Think Different” posters that Apple had commissioned. It even had a poster of a large chicken running about without its head. Inside the room was a system that Apple had put together to run software prototypes of the original iPhone in 2006. The system consisted of a plastic touchscreen device called “Wallaby,” which was hooked up to an outdated Mac to simulate slower speeds of a phone.

For the first time Apple has offered the world a glimpse of one such room, and what an iconic room it is. It was in this very makeshift room where the iPhone was born. In this secret meeting room, most of the design decisions for the first iPhone’s software were made. Since its release in 2007. Apple has sold more than 500 million iPhones.

 Apple is sharing this information ahead of a patent infringement trial with Samsung, its intention is to shed light on the hard work done by its employees on developing the iPhone.

Source: Wall Sreet Journal

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