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Rookie HTC wearable effort not ready yet, officially delayed for 2015

Reportedly, they want to get it “right”, not just add to the pile of forgettable Android Wear smartwatches.

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Literally hours away from a press event that will likely revolve around the growingly obsessive selfie trend, HTC has gone on record to confirm one product category not getting any attention in New York City later today.

As rumored a month or so back, the creators of the beautiful, woefully overlooked One and One M8 smartphones are intent on holding off their smart wearable debut until they have something similarly remarkable to flaunt.

Of course, this cautious, quality-centric strategy doesn’t come without an inherent slew of risks, the biggest one being increased competition in the now fledgling market as time goes by.

Still, HTC is confident once it’ll nail the wow factor, and convince shoppers there’s a “compelling reason” to strap a wearable piece on one’s wrist day in and day out, rivalry from Apple Watches or Samsung Gears won’t be such an impossible to clear hurdle.


In a candid talk with Re/code, HTC America President Jason Mackenzie admitted “we had originally planned to have a wearable launch in this time frame”, but insisted there’ll be no movement in the space until next year.

“It ended up just not being ready” Mackenzie added in relation to the… One Watch (?), though he wasn’t as straightforward when asked for a new ETA. Sorry, folks, but “sometime in 2015” is all we have. Also, a strong hint towards HTC targeting a specific niche of the smartwatch class rather than going for a “general purpose” device.

Health would be a good guess for the precise focus of the postponed gizmo, as medical experts have long pleaded for a more “professional”, less geeky and gimmicky timepiece. Whatever HTC has up its sleeve though, it’s going to be a while before it materializes.

Source: Recode

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