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Rockstar’s new GTA V screenshots show off in-game vehicles

Rockstar Games has just released five new screenshots for GTA V that shows off some grand theft auto, showcasing a few of the game's array of vehicles on the road and under the sea.

Trevor leads the authorities on a high-speed chase throughout the scenic mountainsides of Los Santos.

Rockstar has just delivered another smaller batch of screenshots for their highly anticipated continuation of the hit Grand Theft Auto franchise, showing off some of the in-game vehicle offerings across the land and even by the sea.

The amazing graphics and visuals are all-too apparent in this screenshot where Franklin burns rubber to evade the coppers.

The screenshots showcase our three-man crew make use of an assortment of the available in-game vehicles, ranging from dirtbikes to muscle cars and even a scuba sub under the sea. Each of the new snaps depicts impeccable visual quality and paints an all-too-clear picture of the game itself, which has garnered considerable hype (and rightly so) in the gaming world.

Undersea exploration is just one of the expansive features of GTA V, giving players the opportunity to immerse themselves like never before.

The screenshots also take a look at the many locales of Los Santos, from countryside roads to inner-city streetscapes and beyond. Rockstar has taken the opportunity to unleash a flood of new imagery to tantalize our senses, and after the recent gameplay coverage by multiple media outlets, GTA V has manifested quite well in the way of in-game mechanics.

Franklin needs a ride, and instead of vying for a taxi, he instead opts for some good old-fashioned grand theft auto.

It will be exciting to see what Rockstar offers us next–most likely a new batch of screens or maybe an actual gameplay trailer (or two), and we can cross our fingers for an actual public demo sometime in the fall.

Franklin is once again seen at the helm of a snazzy streetbike, wearing a stylish skull helmet during his beachside ride.

For even more screenshots, be sure to check our recent coverage of both the leaked screens and official galleries–and if you've yet to see the game's official character trailers, be sure to check below.

Grand Theft Auto V is slated for a release on Sept. 17, 2013 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. For more information please visit the game's official website.


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