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Rockstar working on a fix to ‘GTA V’s disappearing car bug


Grand Theft Auto V is a massive game, and like any open-world sandbox title, more than a few bugs and exploits will slip past the studio’s QA testers to frustrate the general gaming population.

One such bug has been identified, and it’s responsible for the disappearance of countless tricked-out rides and valuable autos across Los Santos, leaving many players quite irked.

Having your imported lime-green Pegassi Infernus poof into thin air will leave just about anyone in a seething rage, especially after dropping vast sums on top-tier upgrades from Los Santos Customs. It’s quite easy to spend a good chunk of change fashioning your dream car at LS Customs, especially when you opt in for style as well as performance.

The game is finicky when it comes to saving vehicles in certain locations, especially when replaying missions or completing certain missions that call for players to switch characters.

GTA V screen capture 10

Rockstar has been made aware of the situation and is currently looking into a fix to remedy the cars-going-poof bug, but right now all they can do is add it to the checklist for the game’s first update:

“We have received some reports about problems with cars and garages, particularly after upgrading and then completing a mission, and are looking into this now.

Unfortunately, we do not currently have a workaround to recover a car if it is missing. If you would like to receive an automatic email notification as soon as there is more information, please log into the Support Site and click Subscribe at the top of this page.”

In the meantime, Rockstar offers a few tips that should help avoid the bug in the future:

“This issue may occur if you drive another character’s personal vehicle. 

“In the meantime, please try to avoid parking a car in a garage, driving one already in a garage, or getting in a default vehicle, when playing as a character other than the one with your upgrades.”

gta v dodge viper banshee

Players are also encouraged to sign up to Rockstar’s Social Club and store their vehicles in the official Social Club garage while going on missions. If your car is lost whilst on a mission, be sure to check the mission’s starting/end points, the impound lot, or the character’s safehouse.

Impound lots can frequently contain lost vehicles, so make it a habit to peruse them when your snazzy sportscar goes missing. Unfortunately the vehicles in the impound lots are overwritten with more recently driven cars, so make it a habit if things start vanishing.

If you happen to find your missing car at the impound, run it over to the Social Club garage instead of your safehouse garage, as it should be more secure there.


The crime-gurus further details another scenario that may trigger the bug, so try to avoid this if possible:

“If you start a mission with a custom car, failing that mission by destroying the car or dying while inside it can cause the car to disappear. Try to avoid destroying personal cars on missions, or store them in the Social Club garage while playing through the story.”

While it may be a little while before Rockstar can roll out an update to fix these problems–and other exploits in the process–it is nice to know that they are aware and are actively pursuing fixes to the bugs.

Be sure to subscribe to the forum thread to get e-mail notifications once its updated, and we might see an official update on Oct. 1 when GTA Online is launched.

In the meantime be sure to check out our official Grand Theft Auto V review to see why you should be playing it right now. GTA V is now available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and for more information please visit the game’s official website.

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