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Rockstar warns against ‘inevitable’ GTA V leaks & talks about ‘sexy time’ in GTA Online


In less than a week, Grand Theft Auto V will be spinning in countless PlayStation 3’s and Xbox 360’s, filling millions of screens full of crime-induced splendor. To date the game has amassed an incredible following that encompasses nearly all of the gaming sphere, and Rockstar’s fifth chapter in the franchise is one of the most anticipated releases in recent years.

As the magical date of September 17th nears, Rockstar has issued a formal warning against the possibility of leaked assets and info that could potentially spoil the game for many fans out there:

Rockstar Statement

The notice was issued shortly after GTA V‘s official map was leaked onto the net, revealing the game’s digital landmass in full. The map itself is the single most expansive world that Rockstar has created thus far, and is so massive in scale that it overshadows both Liberty City and San Andreas–as well as some real-world cities such as London, Manhattan and San Franciso.

Rockstar’s claim that such cases are “inevitable” is quite apt, as big-name titles always have asset leaks and rumors surrounding them, and the map is a minor leak compared to the mismanaged PS3 pre-load of GTA V wherein certain users were able to decrypt the audio files and transcribing them to text–thus leaking every bit of audio from campaign missions to songs.

Pre Order GTA V

Along with their recent comment, the studio has also expressed its concern on the possibility of the game selling out on store shelves. To this they’ve responded with general e-mails across Rockstar Propoganda–the studio’s automated e-mail update service–to encourage gamers to pre-order their copy to “avoid disappointment”.

While it’s certainly a possibility the game will sell out in various retailers due to the extreme demand, it’s more than likely that just about every store has ordered enough stock to meet the demand–and it seems as if most gamers have pre-ordered their copies already.

More updates have rolled on on GTA Online, the game’s expansive online multiplayer mode which will push the boundaries of the game’s content with a slew of gametypes and additional modes.

Rockstar North President Leslie Benzie sat down with Game Informer to discuss various elements of the prestigious online offering, revealing that 500 missions will be offered at GTA Online‘s launch as well as other tidbits.

GTA Online2

One of the more entertaining and humorous tidbits is centered around GTA Online‘s character creation tool, which offers realism when it comes to “sexy time”:

“I’ve always felt character creators in games to be a bit wacky – pulling the ears and noses to change the way they look seems wrong,” Benzies began.

“That’s not how humans are made in the real world. Normally it involves a man, a woman, and some sexy time. This is the basis of how we do it in Grand Theft Auto Online: Choose your mum, dad, and grandparents, then out pops your character.”

Yes, players will be able to choose their family in GTA Online, all of which have actual affects on your digital avatar. Once your character “pops out”, its up to you to mold and fashion their personal details.

“You then spend time choosing your lifestyle, making choices about the kinds of things your character spends time doing, whether they spend more time partying or sitting on the couch or doing criminal activities than sleeping and being athletic – and your character is complete.”

GTA Online

It’s not surprising to see such a thing in a Grand Theft Auto game, and so far the newest chapter has been known to include taboo things such as nudity, drug usage, wanton violence and other explicit content that is a staple of the franchise. Coupled with the sharp wit and satirical comedy, both the standard campaign and online offerings will be infused with the studio’s signature wacky humor.

It will be interesting to see the exact nature of character creation and customization in GTA Online, however the online mode isn’t slated to release alongside the game itself–it will launch a few weeks later on October 1st.

For more information on GTA Online be sure to check out our recent coverage, or visit Rockstar Games’ official website.

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