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Grand Theft Auto V developer Rockstar is trying to determine whether some retailers are selling the game before its official launch.


It’s no secret that people are desperate to get their hands on Grand Theft Auto VThe hotly anticipated open-world opus has more pre-orders than Call of Duty:Ghosts and Battlefield 4 combined. Though the launch date is still two days away, it seems that some retailers have tried to capitilize on the huge demand and have jumped the gun. Customers are already posting photos of the game online, and a video of an 11-year-old going berserk over receving a copy of the title has already gone viral.

While that kid is no doubt ecstatic to be in possession of GTA V already, Rockstar is not too pleased. The developer announced that they are investigating whether or not some retailers have broken the street date, saying they are “in the process of investigating early ‘sales’ to determine how and why that is occurring.”

There are just a couple of days before GTA V hits the streets. However, now that a few copies are out in the wild, you may want to consider laying low to avoid spoilers.

Source : Joystiq

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