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Rockstar Games celebrates Christmas Eve with new GTA V screens

It's Christmas Eve and Rockstar Games wishes gamers across the world Happy Holidays with five brand new screenshots of Grand Theft Auto V.


Rockstar Games has let us open some of our presents early on Christmas Eve, revealing five new screenshots for their highly anticipated fifth chapter of the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

Grand Theft Auto V is the most ambitious title to date, bringing in a slew of amazing features–including incredible graphics and expansive new in-game additions–to deliver a highly enjoyable, crime-infused open-world gaming experience.

Stay out of the water!

The new screenshots (which were uploaded earlier on Rockstar's officical Facebook page) depict many random scenarios: Everything from a gigantic shark to a mini-scuba sub–hinting at that we will be able to explore the ocean for the first time in a GTA game–to one of the main characters cruising around town with his Rottie in the passenger seat.

Explore the high seas!

If you're not familiar with the backstory of Grand Theft Auto V, the game itself takes place in the fictional Los Santos, continuing Rockstar's tradition of fictitious and parody-infused environments.

The city itself will be even more grandiose in terms of spaciousness, providing a huge area for gamers to explore and pushes the boundaries of open-world gameplay quite far.

The three kings of GTA V are up to no good, as usual.

GTA V follows a triumvirate of retired cons who ally together for one last job, breaking away from the traditional "lone wolf" character plots featured in the previous games.

Players will experience the game through each of the character's perspectives, and Rockstar has even said that they will turn on each other and betray one another, making for an impressively dynamic story plot.

Fighter jets!!

There will be a huge variety of vehicles–including dozens of variations of cars, scuba subs, and even fighter jets–to roam the streets (and skies) of Los Santos, allowing players to wreak havoc in style as they see fit.

GTA V truly brings that feeling of sandbox freedom that has been a staple in every Grand Theft Auto game, allowing gamers to do whatever they want whenever they want. It's the freedom to destroy everything and go ballistic that has afforded the franchise with so much acclaim, and Rockstar is bringing out the big guns with this new release for a truly unforgettable gameplay experience.

Grand Theft Auto V is slated for release in Spring of 2013 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. For more information, please visit the game's official website.

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