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New range of ROCCAT Suora keyboards at Computex 2016

ROCCAT, the German manufacturer of gaming peripherals has unveiled a new range of mechanical keyboards at Computex 2016. The Suora, rather than adding a whole host of extra media and macro keys has gone back to basics with its design: there is no palm rest, no frills whatsoever. Just a solid chassis with durable TCC Brown keys, which ROCCAT is marketing towards ‘gaming purists.’


The Suora’s dimensions are a reasonable 12.5cm by 43cm, making it large enough to be comfortable without taking up too much space on the desk. There is very little wasted space, with the margin between the keys and the edge of the keyboard so thin as to be almost negligible. The keys are also backlight in what is called a special ROCCAT blue, and it comes in 11 brightness settings and has a built-in breathing effect.


The Suora’s features are very no-nonense and to the point. It hosts an advanced anti-ghosting matrix with a 1000Hz polling rate which minimises latency to about a millisecond, which makes the response time perfect for hair-trigger, high-speed gaming. ROCCAT also promises that the Suora has a 50million keystroke lifecycle, designed to keep going and going. Even though its main selling point is its no-frills approach to gaming, the Suora also comes with multimedia functions and six programmable macro keys.

Alongside the keyboard, ROCCAT is throwing in Swarm support, which they call, “the software incarnation of ROCCAT’s future ready philosophy.” ROCCAT promises that swarm will cover the consumer for all relevant gaming platforms and devices, and that it’s the next-gen system that, “keeps on top of all games, apps and ROCCAT products in one place.” 

The ROCCAT Suora will be available early July 2016, and it’s priced at $99

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