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Roamz uses Google Maps SDK for iOS social search

A local search startup is attempting to bring some search goodness to Apple's iOS platform but rather than use Apple's map SDK they are going to be using the recently released Maps iOS SDK from Google, which they will use to bring an interesting 'social' aspect to mobile search.

We might like to think that when it comes to search that the game is over – Google is the big winner; but that isn't necessarily the case when it comes to our mobile world where even new comers can come up with interesting twists on the old search paradigm.

This of course is just what a new startup company by the name of Roamz is looking to do with their app for Apple's iOS platform; but not using Apple's own map SDK. Instead they are using the Maps iOS SDK by Google; which Google released at the same time as they released their Google Maps iOS app.

This app from Roamz, however, isn't meant to be just another mobile search app as founder Jonathan Barouch said when announcing the app. What the company wants to do is to bring us "a 'Street View' for social". Roamz does this by using the 3D maps available through the SDK and combining them with real-time posts from Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, and Instagram to help people find businesses near where they are, as well as other places of interest and then layering the social content on top of the buildings.

Barouch explains: "You're walking in New York and you'll see the social kind of popping out of the buildings." For Barouch it's more about the discovery, about exploring a little further out; which isn't in his mind a return to the company's "serendipitous discovery" roots but it sure sounds like that to me.

This idea apparently was just waiting for the Google Maps for iOS SDK to come out as there was no other 3D mapping SDKs out there that would let them do what they wanted to do.

Unfortunately, Roamz is still under wraps but Sarah Perez at TechCrunch managed to get a video teaser with Jonathan Barouch showing the app off.

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