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RIM’s media hub to be called the BlackBerry Cyclone?

Seems like just about every single OEM out there wants to come up with a product of sorts that could compete with Apple's array of consumer electronic devices, and Research In Motion (RIM) is no exception. Apparently, word has it that the Canadian telecommunication and wireless device company is extremely keen on delivering a product that is capable of going head to head with the Cupertino's Apple TV, and that it will be known as the…BlackBerry Cyclone. Yep, you heard that right.

Quite some time back, rumours were abound that Research In Motion (RIM) was planning diversify into other markets, and that the first product which the company was most likely to introduce as a result of this diversification is that of a media player which would supposedly compete against the Apple TV. As it turns out, the rumours may have been true after all, for a site known as Nerdberry has claimed to have gotten in contact with a source who has confirmed the existence of the product, being privy to the company's plans.

According to Nerdberry, RIM's upcoming media hub, which is reportedly known by its internal codename as the "BlackBerry Cyclone", will come bundled with support for video output via HDMI and online connectivity via WiFi, while the preloaded OS will support direct access to YouTube and Netflix. In addition, Nerdberry is claiming that the BlackBerry Cyclone will also allow users to access and connect to a variety of media devices that are also visible on one's home network, ostensibly to allow for the streaming of media content from the aforementioned devices via the WiFi network.

That being said, little else about the BlackBerry Cyclone's capabilities, let alone its hardware specifications, has been made public yet, but it will be very interesting to see how RIM intends to hold its own in the digital entertainment scene, considering how the company is essentially starting from scratch in its latest endeavor. Indeed, Electronista is claiming that RIM's lack of a central repository for digital content such as Apple's iTunes, coupled with its BlackBerry devices lacking support for functionality similar to that of AirPlay, makes it difficult to ascertain if RIM will be able to survive in this particular market. Well, we will have to wait and see, won't we?

Source: Nerdberry via Electronista

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