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RIM will not discontinue WiFi-only version of PlayBook

When Research In Motion (RIM) revealed in its earnings call that it was only able to ship 500,000 PlayBooks for its fiscal first quarter, rumours about the company probably having plans to discontinue the WiFi-only version of its new tablet in favor of focusing its efforts on the upcoming 4G versions and its other products started circulating on the Internet. And apparently, the rumours had built up enough traction for RIM to justify issuing an official response of sorts.

Remember Research In Motion's BlackBerry PlayBook tablet? You know, the tablet that we reviewed recently, which RIM was reportedly only able to sell a disappointing 500,000 units of? Well, it seems that news of the company's inability to report a more impressive sales figure for its new tablet device has resulted in the rumour mill churning out claims that RIM might just wind up cancelling the WiFi-only version of the PlayBook in order to focus its resources on the upcoming 4G versions, along with its other products.

And apparently, the rumours have managed to build up enough traction for RIM to justify issuing an official response of sorts, for the company has claimed in a Tweet addressed to Boy Genius Report (BGR) that RIM has got totally no plans to embark on such a course of action. In fact, the tweet from RIM also dismissed the rumour as nothing more than "pure fiction" that nobody should buy into, and the screenshot below tells it all:

With such official confirmation froom RIM, it would seem that things are looking good for users who have gotten, or are planning to get a WiFi-only version of the PlayBook soon, as they will not have to worry about their beloved tablet being given the pink slip from RIM any time soon.

Source: Fudzilla via BGR

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