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RIM hosts Port-a-Thon for Blackberry developers

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In a desperate attempt to hold on to its handful of remaining supporters, RIM will be hosting a 36 hour developer event on November 16. Dubbed the “BlackBerry Got Game Port-a-Thon”, it’s good news for developers who still have a love for the previous king of enterprise devices, but is it all a case of “too little, too late?”

At the virtual event (that’s right, you don’t need to leave your room to attend) next week, RIM employees and specialists will instruct developers on how to port and develop games onto the Blackberry 10 platform. RIM’s strong suit has always been enterprise applications, and this begs the question: what is the management thinking? Is this an attempt to reach a wider audience, or are they just hooked on Angry Birds?  

Do you want to get game? Get rewards? Or just get a life? The choice is yours!


There is a pot of gold waiting at the end of this 36-hour marathon though, as the developers with the best results will be rewarded with $100. Ooh, lucky them. I guess you can’t blame RIM for not giving a bigger reward though, since they’re leaking money like it's water in a boat made out of Swiss cheese.

But wait developers, don’t walk away just yet, there’s more! If a developer makes 2~5 games which pass approval, they get a PlayBook tablet thrown into the mix. If they make 5~10 games which all pass approval, the developer can even win a Dev Alpha unit. If they make more, the busy developers will be repaid heavily with a vast banquet of rare meats and festive wines, drank from a goblet made of solid gold. Just kidding, they get a ticket to next year’s Game Developers Conference. Close enough I guess.


I'll settle for the $100, thanks…..


It seems like RIM are really pushing any developers they have left to make as many apps as possible. Not a bad strategy, but the fragrant aroma of desperation is still difficult to ignore.

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