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Ricoh announces availability of Leica M mount module for the GXR

Ricoh has announced the availability of a new interchangeable module for its GXR line of compact digital cameras. Known as the GXR MOUNT A12, it claims to be compatible with a wide variety of lenses that have been made to conform to Leica's M mount specifications.

Do you remember Ricoh's unique GXR compact camera? You know, the one that actually makes use of interchangeable modules complete with different sensor sizes, instead of just lenses like those found in DSLRs and mirrorless cameras featuring interchangeable lenses? Well, the good news is that the GXR has just received yet another new module for photography enthusaists to play with, and it comes in the form of the new GXR MOUNT A12 which is reportedly compatible with lenses made for…Leica's M mount. Yes, you read that right.

According to the official press release from Ricoh Japan, the new GXR MOUNT A12 module bears the distinction of being the GXR's first module which features an interchangeable lens mount. Few details about the GXR MOUNT A12's hardware specifications have been announced, although users hoping to receieve the same full-frame sensor used by Leica's own M-series digital cameras will probably be disappointed, as Ricoh has confirmed that the the GXR MOUNT A12 will make use of an APS-C CMOS sensor instead.

Still, if it is of any consolation, the ability to fit those M mount-compatible lenses onto the Ricoh GXR upon installation of the GXR MOUNT A12 camera module probably more than makes up for the lack of a full-frame image sensor. Just remember to take note of the change in crop factor if you decide to do so, though.

Oh, and one more thing; no pricing for the M mount-compatible GXR MOUNT A12 camera module has been announced by Ricoh yet, although the company has confirmed that the module should be made available for sale in Japan come September 9 this year.

Source: Ricoh Japan

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